Areeba Tharwani

Hello! I'm Areeba, a final year medical student at Aga Khan University. I am also a freelance content writer, which means I excel at selling words. My work ranges from event coverage and food reviews to website and social media content creation for businesses, including adverts and full length blogs to drive traction towards a particular webpage and/or promote a certain product appealingly (this does not include Search Engine Optimization.) Some of my former and current clients include Youlin Magazine,,, and Dossani Plus Productions. Please feel free to go through some of my pieces below!

'The Narrative - Karachi Calling' at IBA: Representing the City through Literature, Art and Film - Areeba Tharwani - Youlin Magazine

'The Narrative - Karachi Calling' at IBA: Representing the City through Literature, Art and Film Jibran Nasir on 'The Ghettoization of Karachi' at IBA As I entered the outdoor area where we were meant to be seated, I was greeted by a man saying this in a video that was playing on loop. By the twelfth time I heard this phrase, I thought to myself, "Karachi wo jaga bhi hai jahan har event aik ghanta late shuru hota hai." (“Karachi is also the place where all events begin an hour late.") True to

Wear Your heart On Your Sleeves

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Whether you are single or committed to a significant other, one thing is for certain; every Valentine’s Day, you deserve all the love this universe has to offer, and this 14th February is going to be no different! Why, you ask? Because we, at have decided to play the cupid in chief! (No surprises there – we love making our amazingly loyal clientele happy!) So come on out and get up to 50% off on countless items; from jewelry, scarves, handbags a

Food Review: Casa Villa - Fine Dining at Its Best - by Areeba Tharwani - Youlin Magazine

In the bustling city of Karachi, with busy lives and busy minds, Casa Villa provides the perfect getaway, be it a romantic dinner or quality lunchtime with the family. Located in a quiet street of Block 4 Clifton, it has become my go-to place whenever I want to recharge after days of hard work – needless to say, my last visit was very recent. You enter the street and park in front of the entrance, and the valet service takes care of the rest. A waiter is always there to greet you at the door an

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Amazing New Year Discounts | Online Shopping with Dependable Service

Who says things are getting expensive day by day? At, pricing drops and quality rises by the day, or should we say, by the year? Kick start 2017 by saving hundreds and even thousands of rupees by availing these mind blowing discounted rates that cannot be matched by any other online shopping forum! Not only this, but has come up with amazing bundle offers that you should not miss out on, where you buy one and get multiple other things, absolutely free! These offers alread

SnatchIt’s Guide to the Perfect Urban Kitchen

Whether you need remodeling inspiration, or are stocking your kitchen from scratch, We decided to help make your life easier, and suggest a few tips and must-have counter top kitchen appliances to help you declutter your kitchen space and invest wisely. When it comes to choosing the right appliances, think about your family’s lifestyle and their daily requirements from your kitchen. Think about your cooking style, dietary restrictions, size and composition of your family. For example, if your